Upcoming Event: Wakefield Armed Forces Day, Pontefract Park – 16th June 2018

This weekend we’re going to be taking part in our next event. You’ll find us taking part in Wakefield Armed Forces Day, held at Pontefract Park, next to Pontefract Racecourse.

We’ll be setting up our Living History camp and will have a range of people for you to come and meet, both portraying military and civilian life in the 17th Century.

You’ll be able to have a closer look at the weapons and equipment of the period and be able to see how life differed and was similar to now-a-days.

As well as seeing us there, the event has lots of stalls and set ups from all different charities and organisations and commemorates the work that our armed forces have done over the years to protect us.

There’s also an air show including a Spitfire from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight team and a World War II display being put on by the Royal Artillery regiment showing the history of the regiment and various models.

Newcastle’s are looking forward to going back for their second year in a row this year and the location itself holds historic importance for the regiment.

Although the Marquess of Newcastle, William Cavendish (read more about him here) was born in at Handsworth in Sheffield and spent a lot of time in Yorkshire during the English Civil War, Pontefract Park was the only piece of land he held in the county. At the time the park was much bigger than it is now, totalling 1,300 acres and it was leased to him by the Crown, who still own some of the that land, at Pontefract Castle. Cavendish took the town of Pontefract for the Royalists in 1642 and had his headquarters there until January of 1643.

Pontefract’s other claim during the Civil War years was as the first town in England to declare for King Charles II, by way of minted coins in his name. At the time of Charles I’s death in 1649, the Castle was still under siege, held by a Royalist Garrison. The siege coins were minted with Charles II’s name on and the motto ‘Post Mortem Patris Pro Filio’ which translates as ‘After the Father we are for the Son’; the motto is still used today on the town’s coat of arms.

We’re looking forward to the event and can’t wait to meet some of you there. All of the event information can be found here and best of all the event is free to attend.

Here’s some more photos of the excellent day we had there last year, we’re hoping the weather will be just as good!


Photos courtesy of David Eaton.

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