Upcoming Event: The Siege of Chester – 29th -31st August 2015

It’s nearly time for Newcastle’s biggest event of the year, this weekend our annual August Bank Holiday event is happening in the glorious city of Chester.

The Earl of Manchester’s regiment are organising a fantastic event where the city of Chester will be under siege for 3 days and plunged back into 17th Century life. We are looking forward to getting together with the rest of the Sealed Knot to be part of what’s set to be a great event in the heart of a city full of history.

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Beeston Castle: 1st & 2nd August 2015

This event was run by English Heritage and didn’t involve the whole society. Instead ourselves and Lisle’s Regiment from The Sealed Knot were joined by Winchester’s and Fairfax’s regiments of the English Civil WarSociety

Once or twice a year Newcastle’s take on events like this, where we can set up a big ‘Living History’ authentic camp open to the public allowing us to demonstrate as a regiment not just the battle, but what life itself was like in the 17th Century.

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Marston Moor Commemorative March: 5th July 2015.

Whilst the Newcastle’s Blog Writing Fairy was sunning herself in the South of France, the regiment took part in the annual commemorative march at the battlefield of Marston Moor, Yorkshire. Once again Graham was there and is able to step in and provide a round up of what went on! (The Newcastle’s Blog Writing Fairy will be making far more effort soon!)

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Meet the Member – May 2015

On our blog we are starting a new feature each month, introducing you to one of the members of the regiment. We hope this will allow you to get to know us a bit more and see just how much of a diverse bunch we are in our 21st Century lives!

We also hope it lets you see why we love our hobby so much and hopefully convinces you to come and join us in a field somewhere in the near future!

Without further ado, here is the first member for you to meet!

Name: Dave Lovell


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