Meet the Member – October 2015

It’s that time again to introduce you to another one of the flock. Back in June we introduced you to Chris and this month it’s time to meet his Dad!

Name: Andrew Barrass

Age: 42

Rank/ Role in the regiment: Pikeman

21st Century Occupation: Baker.

How long have you been in the regiment and what was your first event?

I’ve been in the regiment for 4 years and my first event was Wentworth Castle, Yorkshire, in 2011.

Why did you decide to join?

My son Chris had joined the year before and the way he spoke about the regiment and the events made me want to be a part of it.

Which was your favourite ever event and why?

Nantwich 2012- The first year I joined Chris and I drove 6 hours through the night, through an epic snowstorm to get there. We then had the most fantastic weekend and one we still laugh about now. It made the drive worth it!

What’s your favourite part of being in Newcastle’s?

The feeling of pride and determination when I put on my White Coat. Also, the amazing second family that I have gained.

Which 21st Century comfort do you miss most when at an event?

A nice hot bath to ease my back pain after a battle would be nice!

If you’re not spending your weekends re-enacting, what would you be doing instead?

I work most weekends but I like video games and walking my two dogs, Carla and Chloe.

And finally, what is your tipple of choice after a hard day’s battling?

Ale, the darker the better. I also brew my own from time to time too!


Thank you to Andrew for agreeing to be featured on here. Once again I think you can see the importance of the ‘second family’ feeling but also again how diverse our members are. If reading this has inspired you to come along and be part of the flock, head over to our Getting Stuck In page to find out how you can do just that!


The photograph in this post is by kind permission of Sealed Knot Photographer, Rusty Aldwinckle. Click here to see more of her fantastic work.

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