Meet the Member – June 2015

It’s time to introduce you to another one of the flock, so without further ado, here’s your chance to find out about someone new!

Name: Chris ‘Buttercup’ Wesson

Age: 25

Rank/Role in the regiment: Corporal of Pike

21st Century Occupation: Quantity Surveyor

How long have you been in the regiment and what was your first event? 

I have been in the revered Newcastle’s  Regiment for 5 years. The first event I attended was Naseby Royalist Training in April 2010.

Why did you decide to join? 

I became a member immediately after the training event I attended at Naseby. That weekend was by far the most randomly amazing thing I had ever experienced up to that point and I loved every minute of it. From the History side of things it was eerie and wonderful all at the same time to be dressed as they were, doing what they were doing and in the exact same place only 365 years later. Then there was of course the social aspect which let me tell you, is unbeatable. There’s drinking, singing, music, games, chat, laughter and much merriment. I would say Newcastle’s holds something for everyone.

What has been your favourite ever event and why? 

Really, really hard question. Every event has something. If you forced me to pick a favorite I would say the small event we attended at Chester. We fought 2 small skirmishes per day within the Old City Walls which was brilliant as the shortened battle kept the crowd engaged and the atmoshere was great. Not to metion the fact that we were in fine form that weekend obliterating the enemy block in every single ‘push of pike’. Following the battles and closure of the living history camp we got oursevles changed into more appropriate and cleaner 17th Century clothing and hit the town for a night of fun and frolics. It was the complete package really. Perfect weather, good hard fighting (but we came out on top) and a good drink afterwards. My sort of weekend.

What’s your favourite part of being in Newcastle’s?

I love this Regiment. I think the my favourite aspect is that it’s not just a group of people getting together every other summer weekend for a re-enactment. It’s a real family. There is a genuine sence of caring within the Regiment that I don’t think other Regiments quite achieve in the same way Newcastle’s do. You’re never on your own, no matter what you need.

Which 21st Century comfort do you miss the most when at an event? 

ABSOLUTLEY BLOOMING NOTHING!!!!! If I could get paid to be a Pikeman I would without hesitation quit my current job and live the rest of my life in cow fields around the country.

If you’re not spending your weekends re-enacting, what would you be doing instead?

I do enjoy other hobbies outside the Sealed Knot. I love to watch my beloved West Ham United as often as I can, I love a bit of Motor Racing, Rugby and Basketball. Other than that any spare time is spent with the Missis.

And finally, what is your tipple of choice after a hard day’s battling? 

Key word here guys is tipples. Cider, Beer, Lager, Ale (only sometimes and it has to be Blonde) and Port. All of the above will more than refresh this weary Pikeman after a battle.


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