Meet the Member – July 2015

Once again it’s time to introduce you to another member of the flock and after having introduced you to Dave and to Chris, it was about time that one of the ladies made an appearance!

Name: Liz ‘Tig’ Wright.

Age: 60… just.

Rank/Role in the regiment: Off the field, Mama Tig, general factotum, supplier of tea, things forgotten, ice lollies, chocolate cake etc… On the field, I’m a Musketeer. I also help to co-ordinate spares and cater at Feastes and Living History events. Within the Sealed Knot I have also been a Director, Chair of the Board of Safety, I helped to start the Musket Inspectorate and produce the Musketeers Handbook and was Chair of the Musket Inspectorate. I currently appear to be the chief teller at AGM’s (I have been counting votes at AGMs since the 1980s).

21st Century Occupation: Retired Teacher… just.

How long have you been in the regiment and what was your first event? Officially I joined in 1974, but I was going to social events in York before this. My sister was a member so I was going along with her. My first ever ‘on my own’ event was in March 1974 at Berkley Castle. By then I was at Teacher Training college and had joined a social group whom I travelled with. Coincidentally I was spotted in the pub at Berkley Station by Simon (to whom I am now married) and Dave (the C.O). I ‘officially’ joined Newcastle’s in August 1974 at Sudeley Castle.

Why did you decide to join? I started to go to events with my sister when I was 17, it was fun! By the time I ‘officially’ joined at 19 I was hooked!

What has been your favourite ever event and why? Oh my goodness, so many highlights from so many musters. Ripley Castle: commanding a block of 25+ musketeers and constantly being told ‘we won’t fit in that gap!’. Another Ripley Castle, one we had organised as a regiment, I had a call over the radio to say there was a problem at the beer tent, I walked in and wondered why the crowds parted, glanced over my shoulder to see a phalanx of whitecoats behind me. Sunderland; we served a Christmas Dinner to 54 people. Wentworth Castle; the end of muster party, such a team. So many more!

What’s your favourite part of being in Newcastle’s? Extended family- simples! Both my girls loved going away to events when they were younger. Indeed Hannah (now 31) is a Lieutenant in Wallers Horse (baddies) and Lucy still comes along when work allowes. My son-in-law fights in pike and members Chris, John and James fight over which number son they are. It sounds cliched but it is just like one big family.

Which 21st Century comfort do you miss the most when at an event? Instant hot shower.

If you’re not spending your weekends re-enacting, what would you be doing instead? Preparing for the next event, housework, playing with ponies, feeding a houseful of people.

And finally, what is your tipple of choice after a hard day’s battling? This question was easy!! A cup of tea and glass of fizz- usually one in each hand!

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