Meet the Member: Baby Newcs Special – September 2015

It’s time to introduce you to some more of the flock again and this time, the Newcastle’s Blog Fairy decided it was time for something a bit different. So far she has introduced you to our C.O Dave, Pike Coroporal Chris, Musketeer ‘Tig’ and Living History participant and ex- Medic Anne. All of them had some very interesting stories to share, but they all had one thing in common, they’re all adults. It’s about time we introduced you to the next generation of Newcastle’s, the ones who’ll be keeping the regiment going in decades to come, so without further ado, it’s time to introduce you to our Baby Newcs!

Name: Romilly

Age: 21 Months

Current favourite past time: Playing on my swing and singing nursery rhymes and songs, especially ‘Wind the Bobbin Up’ and ‘The Wheels on the Bus’.

Why my parents think it’s good that I’m in the regiment: Mummy joined when she was ten and loved growing up in the regiment- she says it was like having an extra set of aunts, uncles and cousins to play with! Daddy wants me to experience camping and the outdoor life, playing outside away from the TV and the PC and enjoying lots of family time.

The part of the weekend I most enjoy is: Running around the campsite during the day and listening to the grown ups singing at night.

And finally, my favourite non-family member of the regiment is: I have two! Chris and Beth B!

Because: Chris is my Godfather and bought me a cuddly lamb when I was born, and he makes me laugh and giggle. Beth takes me for walks and we go exploring. I learnt to say her name long before I could say many other people’s!


Name: Dexter

Age: 5 months

Current favourite past time: I’ve just learnt to roll over (I do everything for the first time when away at battles. I rolled for the first time whilst watching the battle at Bovington Tank Museum!) so I really enjoy playing on my tummy. I also love going swimming every week because I love splashing around!

Why my parents think it’s good that I’m in the regiment: My mummy has been in the regiment since she was born and went to her first muster at 3 weeks old. She really enjoyed growing up in the regiment and is really excited to see me grow up around it too. I went to my first muster at 5 weeks old and so far have been really enjoying it (partly because I get LOTS of cuddles). My parents were worried about taking me camping at such a young age but they didn’t have to because every time I go I sleep through the night! My Mummy and Daddy think it’s really good that I’m growing up in the Sealed Knot because I get to spend a lot of time with the rest of the regiment- it’s like a massive extended family! They think it’s good that I will get such a ‘hands on’ experience of history as well. As Mummy will tell you, once you get the re-enactment bug, you develop a love of history that will last a lifetime!

The part of the weekend I most enjoy is: My favourite part of a weekend with Newcastle’s is the battle. Mummy always takes me down to watch it and I love looking out for our white coats as she cheers them on. I can’t wait until I turn 16 so I can be a Pikeman like my Daddy! I also really like seeing everyone as I get lots of cuddles all weekend and everyone makes a big fuss of me.

And finally, my favourite non-family member of the regiment is: Ged.

Because: I love Ged because he is very funny and makes me giggle lots. He is my Mummy’s best friend so is always super nice to me!


Romilly and Dexter are loved by the whole regiment and as a family atmosphere is so important for us we need little ones as part of it. We’re actually really excited because over the winter we’ll have two more Baby Newcs arriving!! Romilly is very excited to have a baby brother or sister on the way and reigment member Paul and his wife Hannah (who is in the Cavalry) are awaiting the arrival of their first child. Hannah and Paul’s baby will, like Romilly and Dexter, be 3rd generation Newcastle’s as Hannah is the oldest daughter of Tig, who is mentioned at the top of this article!

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