Meet the Member – August 2015

It’s the time to meet another one of our flock! This time it’s a lady who has played a vital role in the society although never having been in a combat role, as Anne has spent most of her time in the society as an ever vital Medic.

Name: Anne Rhodes.

Age: 71

Rank/Role in the regiment: Civilian.

21st Century Occupation:  Retired Chiropodist/Nurse/Secretary.

How long have you been in the regiment and what was your first event? I joined in 1973 –  my first event was at Harewood House, Yorkshire.

Why did you decide to join? I was interested in history and wanted to learn more. However- I wasn’t brave enough to dress as a man and go on the field with a pike- so I worked with what was then called the St. John of the Knot as a Medic. In those days the Medics didn’t have their own Regiment or camping area, so I stayed with Newcastle’s until the Sealed Knot Medics Society (the Medics regiment) was formed. Eventually ill health neccesitated a move into Living History where I frequently mix medical and historical knowledge with casualty simulation make up and become my own patient! I transferred back to Newcastle’s a couple of years ago (thus bringing my SK life full circle).

What has been your favourite ever event and why? Oh, crikey! Forty years of Musters and I’m expected to pick ONE?! The Biggest? The most famous? The most historical? I genuinely don’t know!

What’s your favourite part of being in Newcastle’s? Being “mothered”! To many of the young ones I am ‘Auntie Anne’- possibly a title I earned first in the Medics but back here in Newcastle’s I truly am treated like an Auntie. I am looked after, spoilt rotten (especially by Tig), everyone makes sure I eat enough, rest enough, sleep in a proper tent (rather than my car), fussed around when I’m ill (even if I end up in hospital (like last time) and it turns out inadvertently to have been my own fault!), people carry heavy things for me, help me with the car (even though it’s usually my own fault for parking badly), chauffer me from A to B within camp… althogether making me feel very, very wanted!

Which 21st Century comfort do you miss the most when at an event? At another time I would have said “a cig” (smoking a clay pipe may be authentic but it isn’t the same thing!) but nowadays I don’t know… maybe a “proper” loo.

If you’re not spending your weekends re-enacting, what would you be doing instead? Reading, sewing, writing poetry and stories.

And finally, what is your tipple of choice after a hard day’s battling? Strong coffee – usually black.

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