We are often asked what it is like being part of the Sealed Knot, so to try provide an answer we have asked some of our newer recruits to write a review of their experiences at an event.

Our first review is from member Chris of his very first event - the Royalist Army training weekend in April. At the time Chris was a student at Sheffield Hallam university and had not previously had any experience of the Sealed Knot and we didn't even have to bribe him!

Many thanks to Chris for agreeing to write up his thoughts just after his first event. He is now one of our keenest members.

Our second review is from Simon. He was previously a member of the Sealed Knot with another regimente in his teens but circumstances meant he had to stop. Some twenty years later Simon has rejoined with Newcastle's, along with his family who hadn't encountered the Knot before.

Many thanks to Simon for his review. He now carries the Regimental colour into battle.