We are Newcastle's Regiment in Newcastle's Tercio - others in our Tercio are Sir Gilbert Hoghton's, Sir George Lisle's, Sir Thomas Glemham's, The Earl of Northampton's, and Colonel Charles Gerard's Regiment of Foote.

As a regiment we have a standard bearer, musketeers, pikemen, drummers and water carriers on the field. Off the field we have members who enjoy the Living History aspect. One of our members also leads the Sealed Knot commentary team and we have members who focus on being traders at our musters.  You can read more about each role by following the links under the Roles tab on the main menu.

We enjoy our socialising as much as our re-enactment and in the evenings will go to the beer tent, a local pub, form one big circle by our tents or get into smaller groups (or all of these!) depending on how the wind blows!  A big feature are our port circles and enthusiastic singing sessions - words are quickly learnt as there are plenty of choruses to join in!



You can see us in action on youtube:

See us march into the Market Place in Newark on Monday 4th May 2015 - part of many events promoting the opening of the National Civil War Centre over the Bank Holiday weekend. 
Click here to go to the video on youtube:

To see us in action on the battlefield, click here!