Newcastle's Regiment of Foote appeared to have a rather short but notable existance. 

The exact date of their formation is a little cloudy but it was probably sometime during the spring/summer in 1642. We can be much more precise about the date of their demise however. 

Marston Moor monument

In July 1644, the soldiers of the Regiment were wiped out almost to a man defending their ground at the battle of Marston Moor (this photo was taken at the monument marking the battle - we have an annual parade on the first weekend of July).

Many books have been written about the English Civil Wars, The essays/articles listed below, produced over a period of time, concentrate on details directly relevant to Newcastle's own foote regiment. Start with a brief resume of William Cavendish, who when still the Earl of Newcastle, began raising a regiment to fight for the King's cause:

William Cavendish

and follow with an overview of the history of the seventeenth century regiment we potray in the twenty-first:

A Potted History

If you enjoyed those, and want to know more, the following have more details to satisfy your curiosity. First a couple of acounts of Newcastle's early battles:

Adwalton Moor

Tankersley Moor - The Lost Battle

then some speculation, based on the scanty extant historical record, on the identities of senior officers of the regiment:

The Colonelcy Debate