Joining Us

Now you’ve read all about us, why not come and join us for a weekend to see what it’s really like? The best way to really find out what it’s like to do this great hobby is to experience it for yourself and now that’s really easy to do with our online joining system.  (See below for a ‘How To’ guide)

Lots of people like to start off by coming along to an event as a temporary member which gives you a better idea of what it’s all about without any commitment; if you enjoy it, you can then easily join up as an annual member for the rest of the season.

Annual Membership

Of course, if you’re already sure you want to come along more than once, you’re welcome to jump right in as an annual member straight away.

The 2024 annual membership fees are as follows:

  • Family – £65 (two adults and a maximum of four children. Each additional child is an extra £6)
  • Individual – £45 (one adult and their children, to a maximum of 4)

If you’re joining after 1st of July you can get Half-Yearly membership at the following prices:

  • Family – £41 (two adults and a maximum of four children. Each additional child is an extra £6)
  • Individual – £20

You can also apply for Temporary membership for a SINGLE Sealed Knot event:

  • Family – £21 (two adults and a maximum of four children. Each additional child is an extra £6)
  • Individual – £16

There can be a maximum of 2 children who are not directly related to the adults they’re attending with per adult. The cost of unrelated children is £6 each if under 16, or £10 if 16 or 17. 

Students can remain on Family membership if they are in full time education and provide a scan of their Student card when submitting their membership forms. 

Online ‘How To’ Guide

Sign up and pay online and you’ll be ready to go. If you email our Recruitment Officer, they’ll be able to give you all the information you need and support you through the process.


Go to and click the JOIN US NOW button.

Select which type of membership you are applying for, fill in all your details, including the regiment you wish to join, which will be “NEWCASTLES-ROYALIST” (and for temporary memberships, the name and date of the event you would like to come along to).

If you are paying for an annual membership, you can simply pay online using the facilities on the website but because the ‘Try it for a Tenner’ & ‘Families for Fifteen’ are partially subsidised by the regiment, in order for us to do that, payment needs to be made slightly differently.

For temporary memberships, when you get to the options to pay, ignore ‘pay by credit card’ and instead click the ‘invoice me’ button and don’t pay anything. If you don’t ignore ‘pay by credit card’, you’ll be charged the full amount.

It should now say “Your application has been submitted and is being reviewed. It will be activated upon approval and receipt of payment.”

Then, if you have online banking, simply pay the regiment directly – either £10 for an individual temporary membership or £15 for a family temporary membership. If you don’t do online banking, get in touch and we can sort another way to pay. 

Contact out Recruitment Officer ( either way and they can provide you with the regiment’s bank details.

If you don’t want to sign up online, that isn’t a problem either – just email and our Recruitment Officer will send you a form to fill out.  This does take a little longer, so for paper applications, please leave enough time (2-3 weeks) for it to be processed.

If you have been to an event as a temporary member first and then decide to join us for the rest of the season, we’ll knock the amount you’ve paid for your temporary membership off the price of your annual membership fee.

OK, I’m ready to get in touch

To get involved, please email where our Recruiting Officer will provide all the support you need to get started.

If you haven’t already, head to Joining The Ranks section of our site where you’ll find out all about what a weekend with us is like, what role you could be taking on and answers to some of the questions you may have.

Please try and give us a little bit of notice when applying for either annual  or temporary membership, that way we can ensure everything goes smoothly and have the necessary 17th century clothes / kit available for you at your selected first event.