Charlton Park, Wiltshire: 27th – 29th May 2017

Late MayBank Holiday events are always a major affair for the society and having only seen each other 4 weeks previously at our event at Kenilworth, it was lovely to see each other again so soon.

The Wiltshire location was beautiful and the battle took place in front of the house and we had to cross the estate’s private air strip to get from our campsite to the field!

On Friday afternoon and evening most of the regiment arrived to plenty of space and a flat, pleasant campsite. The evening was spent socialising and in the beer tent before some singing.

On Saturday morning there was a beautiful sunrise over the campsite and it started off a great day of relaxing as more of the regiment arrived.


The rest of the day was spent perusing what was on offer on Traders Row, the stalls selling all sorts of bits and pieces needed for this hobby and getting to know new members such as Twiggy and Jimmy, who were joining us for the first time.

The musicians went over to Living History for a drum & fife rehearsal and the rest of the day was spent enjoying quality time catching up with each other before dancing to the disco in the beer tent and then playing ‘how many people can you fit into one awning for singing’ until the small hours.



Sunday morning dawned and we got ready for drill, followed by drill with the whole army and our musicians went off to do their display on the Living History camp before the battle in the afternoon. Sunday’s battle can be summed up well in 3 words ‘too bloomin’ hot!’. It was certainly a little on the melty side but enjoyable all the same.


Sunday evening was spent in similar style to that of Saturday and then we did  it all again on Monday although Monday’s battle can be summed up in just one word ‘torrential’! Drummer Beth certainly knew about this as the rain caused an unfortunate incident involving her white drum skin and coat and the dye from her red sash…


The Pike Block have now lovingly christened her and her drum ‘Raspbeerry Ripple’ and whether she likes it or not, she’ll never forget that rather soggy Monday afternoon…

The rain finally eased off enough for tents and caravans to be packed away and we all headed home damp but happy after a great weekend in Wiltshire. It’s a long gap now until the next event but we’ll be back out again in a few weeks at some smaller events such as Pontefract Armed Forces Day and the Marston Moor memorial march before coming back out in force at Newark at the end of July.

Newcastle’s regiment seemed to become suddenly camera shy on the battlefield at this event so here’s a selection of photos from the battle to show what a great atmosphere it was.

If this seems like the hobby for you, please check out or Joining Us page to find out how you can come along.

Photos provided by Sealed Knot Photography Team members Rusty AldwinckleSteve Liddle and regiment member Beth Knight.












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