Upcoming Event: ‘Holly Holy Day 2019’, Nantwich – 26th January 2019

Holly Holy Day in Nantwich, the pre-season unfriendly as it is sometimes called, is the first battle of the year. It give us a chance to meet with fellow members of the Newcastle’s Foote and friends from other Sealed Knot regiments.

The Battle on Mill Island will be hard fought and probably muddy…

Organisers – Battle of Nantwich | Holly Holy Day
Sponsors – Nantwich Town Council – Holly Holy Day

New Year – What’s coming up in 2017?


It’s been a while since we’ve been able to update anything on here but as it’s the season of new starts, we’re making it a New Years Resolution to do more on here, our Facebook pageTwitter and Instagram.

To anyone who has read our blogs before, we hope you enjoyed the latter half of 2016 and the festive period. For anyone who is new to our blog, hello and welcome! Please have a look through our old posts to get a better idea of what we get up to and stick around as we upload more and more in the future. We’re starting off today looking at what we’ll be getting up to over the first few months of the new year.

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2015 – A Round Up

Hello again! After a quiet winter it’s time for the blog and social media to get up and running again ready for the 2016 season! There’s no better way to start than to have a look back over the highlights of 2015.

We may be saying so ourselves, but we had a rather good year! Lots of great events, plenty of reasons to celebrate and lots of new faces joining the ranks, so here’s a good look at all the good stuff from last year.

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