Marston Moor Commemorative March: 5th July 2015.

Whilst the Newcastle’s Blog Writing Fairy was sunning herself in the South of France, the regiment took part in the annual commemorative march at the battlefield of Marston Moor, Yorkshire. Once again Graham was there and is able to step in and provide a round up of what went on! (The Newcastle’s Blog Writing Fairy will be making far more effort soon!)

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Meet the Member – May 2015

On our blog we are starting a new feature each month, introducing you to one of the members of the regiment. We hope this will allow you to get to know us a bit more and see just how much of a diverse bunch we are in our 21st Century lives!

We also hope it lets you see why we love our hobby so much and hopefully convinces you to come and join us in a field somewhere in the near future!

Without further ado, here is the first member for you to meet!

Name: Dave Lovell


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Tankersley Moor: The Lost Battle

In Mrs Newcastle’s somewhat starry eyed biography of her husband, she mentions that his forces defeated a significant Parliamentarian force at Tankersley Moor which is between Sheffield and Barnsley. It is also mentioned in his patent for Marquess.

Re-enactment at Wentworth Castle of the Battle of Tankersley, which Newcastle’s Regiment organised in July 2013.

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The Battle of Adwalton Moor – June 1643

Battle Plaque at Adwalton Moor
The Battle Plaque at Adwalton Moor

Introduction:  Following his defeat at Wakefield, Newcastle determined to finish off the Parliament Forces (commanded by Lord Fairfax and his son,  Sir Thomas Fairfax) once and for all. He gathered a force of about 7-8000 and marched for the Parliament strongholds of Leeds and Bradford. The Fairfaxes set out to try and catch Newcastle on the march and fight him on ground of their choosing (Adwalton Moor). This did not quite work as Fairfax found Newcastle ready for him. Fairfax was able though to get his troops in position.

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A Potted History of The Marquess of Newcastle’s Regiment of Foote

Histories of the Civil War are readily available which detail either military actions or the careers of individual officers. These can be referred to if you wish to find out more about William Cavendish, Marquess of Newcastle and/or the course of the war in the North. The aim of this section is to give a short overview of Newcastle’s own Foote Regiment, and some of the actions in which they were engaged. It is necessarily a ‘potted history’ as direct references to Newcastle’s are few and somewhat patchy, mainly due to the fact that history in the seventeenth century was seen either as one of individuals, or else one of events. We can surmise that the Regiment was involved in certain actions, even justify this with some arguments, but it remains that this is a somewhat suspect way of producing a history and thus must be used with great care.

Stanford hall

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