Siege of Scarborough 2016

(see more of us in action at Scarborough on our Gallery page)

We are a Royalist regiment in the Sealed Knot, a society which re-enacts both the battles and daily life from the English Civil War period of 1642-1651


Although historically the regiment was raised in Yorkshire and the North East, our regiment today consists of approximately 100 members from many areas across the country, so there is bound to be someone near you!

Newcastle's Foote portray a typical fighting regiment of the period, but some members have also developed roles to portray other walks of life on Living History.

Between us we usually manage to take part in most SK events across the UK and have sent contingents to both Northern Ireland and the USA for re-enactment events.

To keep you right up to date we have a blog and are on Facebook and Twitter.

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Many thanks to Wilf Bell for the use of his rather excellent photo to create the banner at the top of the page. Unless otherwise stated, the photos on this website have been taken by various members of the regiment over the years!