Welcome to Newcastle’s! We’re a regiment of the Sealed Knot Society, the largest re-enactment society in Europe. We take part in events up and down the country every year, depicting life in the 17th Century and putting on re-enactment battles of the English Civil  Wars which took place across the British Isles from 1642 to 1651.

We thought the best way to convey what we get up to and what we’re all about was to show you:


To find out all about the history of the original regiment The Marquess of Newcastle’s Regiment of Foote, some of the key battles the regiment took part in and all about the history of the Modern Regiment, head to our The Past section.

Everything you need to know about what we do in the modern day and what it’s like to be a Newcastle can be found in The Present part of our site.

For a more in depth information about our upcoming events and how you could hire Newcastle’s Foote for your event, take a browse of The Future area of our site.

If you already know you want to come along, head to the Joining Us page to get the ball rolling.

We also update our Blog regularly with all sorts of interest posts ranging from Q&As with member of the regiment, round ups of the events we’ve been at and wider historical interest posts about life in the 17th Century.

To quickly find out where you’ll be able to see us, or what events you could come and join us at, please take a look at our calendar

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All photos are by kind permission of members of the society, including the Sealed Knot Photography Team and members of the regiment.